The 10 Best Polyamorous Dating Apps

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There’s no shortage of dating apps on the market, but for those who practice polyamory or ethical nonmonogamy, finding a match can be a bit trickier. Thankfully, there are plenty of polyamorous dating apps now available to fit an array of relationships and preferences.

Polyamory is the practice of having multiple romantic or sexual relationships at a time, with all parties of course consenting. Because this lifestyle and approach to dating is still considered to be outside the norm, it can be difficult to identify others also interested in dating more than one person. Stigmas surrounding nonmonogamy may also hinder folks from openly seeking poly relationships, which is why some daters will prioritize privacy and discretion in their search for the right dating app.

Ahead, learn more about some of the best apps for swingers or people who practice polyamory, from Feeld to #Open and others. So whether you’re solo or currently in a relationship — and depending on whether you’re looking for a hookup for the night or for something more long term — the following 10 apps can help you foster new connections. Dive in below.

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Cost: Free, but there is a Majestic Membership subscription that starts at $25 per month

One of the most inclusive dating apps, Feeld encourages users to be nothing but themselves. Feeld is an open-minded community for those seeking multiple partners to explore sexuality and relationships generally outside the norm.

Users can create an individual or couples profile to explore potential partners, and there are also dozens of sexuality and gender identities to choose from. One standout feature is the ability to group chat, where users can create a digital polycule where multiple connections get to know one another in the same message thread.


Cost: Free, with VIP services starting at $20 per month

3Fun is designed for couples seeking a third or singles seeking a couple. Couples create individual accounts and link the two to share matches with one another and give potential partners a look at both profiles before proceeding with a connection.

Custom privacy settings can prevent profiles from showing up in certain people’s and locations’ feeds and block screenshotting, and accounts are photo verified for a catfish-free experience.


Cost: Free; supporting memberships start at $10 per month

Founded on the principles of inclusivity, respect, and consent, #Open lets those seeking alternative relationships and sexual experiences discover more freedom in dating through connections with like-minded people.

Users utilize hashtags in their profile to communicate interests, desires, kinks, preferences, and boundaries in an easily searchable way. The ability to create individual and couple profiles — and easily toggle between the two — lets users date solo or with their partner. You can also meet with other #Open members through virtual and in-person community events.


Cost: Free; Down VIP starts at $20 per month

Down believes sexual attraction shouldn’t be shamed, so the app gives clear options for those looking to date or find a hookup.

Rather than swiping left or right, swipe up on potential connections if you’re looking to date and down if you’re feeling more of a one-night stand. No interest? No problem. Just swipe left to move on (but you can still come back to each profile if you find yourself second-guessing). Clarify your nonmonogamous status in your profile, and be sure to be transparent about your current situation when proceeding with a connection. Respect is key.


Cost: Free; subscription starts at $34 per month

BiCupid is specifically tailored for bisexual-identifying individuals to not only find other open-minded singles, couples, and poly folks, but also discover a place of acceptance and freedom.

Here, users looking to explore their sexuality and relationships can connect and chat while seeking anything from hookups to dates to long-term relationships. Advanced search tools let users find like-minded connections, and privacy features offer options for discretion. There are also resources for dating tips from experts in the industry.


Cost: Free, with price-based tiers starting at $8 a month

While a picture speaks a thousand words, bios are of utmost importance when seeking a poly partner. Tinder isn’t specifically designed with multipartner relationships in mind, so it’s even more important to be open and honest about what you’re looking for directly in your profile and in any conversations you have.

Some nonmonogamous couples state “ENM” (ethical nonmonogamy) in their profile. Keep in mind two-person accounts may go against the app’s policies, so proceed accordingly.


Fantasy Match

Cost: Free; full membership starts at $10 per week

The Fantasy Match mission is to create a dating culture based on openness, sincerity, and communication for those in the poly and nonmonogamous lifestyle.

Its conversation-starter decks break the ice through a variety of thoughtful questions potential partners can engage in to get to know one another — and themselves — better. Partners can create “rooms” to chat with potential connections, giving everyone the opportunity to find likes and dislikes and explore relationships of all kinds together.


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Cost: Free; subscription is $10 per month

MoreThanOne proclaims it’s not a swiping app. The site features more detailed profiles, so there is more information to go by when looking at a potential match than an initial picture — something many poly and nonmonogamous people are looking for in the dating scene due to the more complex relationships.

You can also opt for a private profile, where you’ll only be seen by potential connections you contact first for extra discretion. And, with search options galore, you can get down to the specifics in your seeking.


Cost: Free; membership starts at $10 per month

PolyFinda isn’t just poly-specific; it’s inclusive of all alternative relationships, making it perfect for those seeking open relationships, threesomes, swinger experiences, and other ethical nonmonogamous connections. It also helps those new to the scene spark initial contact, making it a great option for those ready to dip their toes in.

With a set amount of connection credits per day, the app dissuades spammers and those just looking to swipe around. PolyFinda also host events in multiple cities to connect like-minded individuals in person.


Cost: Free; additional credits start at $5

While Kik isn’t specifically a dating app, this messaging service requires just an email address to get started and is a great option for chatting without swapping digits. Users can participate in group and individual chats and join specific chat groups, including polyamory and nonmonogamy groups.

These moderated chats can be a good way to connect with other like-minded people in your area, ask questions, and explore the lifestyle. Moderators help keep the conversations inclusive and respectful and can validate participants for more transparency.

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