Pediatric Urgent Care in Browns Mills, NJ

Here at Central Jersey Urgent Care, our physicians provide children ages six months old and up with the most exceptional care. We understand that it is an extremely stressful time on the parents when a child is sick. What can add to that stress is thinking about scheduling an appointment around work hours with your regular doctor, or having to wait for hours in a waiting room full of other sick and injured individuals at an emergency room. Central Jersey Urgent Care opens our urgent care walk-in clinic 24-hours a day to kids needing emergency care while offering minimal wait times. Our knowledgeable and skilled pediatricians are always prepared to give your child the best care experience and get them feeling better quickly.

Pediatric Urgent Care

What Does Pediatric Emergency Medicine Do?

We get the question often, “Can you take a baby to urgent care?”, And the answer is yes, as long as the child is at least six months of age. If you are afraid that your baby is sick or injured, early intervention with pediatric emergency medicine can save their life. Pediatrics is one of our specialties, and each of our board-certified pediatricians have many years of both emergency care and pediatric medicine experience. The quality of care that they can provide for your child is the best you will find. Some of the ailments that they are adept at treating are eye and ear infections; a whooping cough; a runny nose; flu and colds; bronchitis; nausea and vomiting; UTI’s; skin rashes and infections; minor burns and breaks; and many more. We are sure that our kind and caring staff will be able to make your child feel better in no time.

Do You Have a Walk-In Clinic Near Me?

We are located in Brown Mills, NJ, right off of Trenton Rd. If you need to bring your child in for any reason at all, please feel free to call us at (609) 757-1717 and let us know that you are on your way. Our friendly staff will be ready to welcome you as you walk through our doors. They will help you sign in and will do their best to get your child to seeing one of our pediatricians as quickly as possible. Each of our staff members is dedicated to making your child feel better quickly and efficiently.

Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic

6 Earlin Ave Browns Mills, NJ 08015


Patient Reviews

Great experience! The front desk staff, medical practitioner Michelle, and Dr’s are all very kid friendly. They listened and explained everything so that the child patient understood too.

Nicole A.

Went here for the first time this morning and will definitely use them again. My primary are closed on weekends and they handled my unplanned visit exceptionally well. Super friendly staff that was much appreciated. Doctor asked the necessary questions, diagnosed me and told me exactly what my current healh issue was accurately. Prescription was sent to my pharmacy without issue. Thank you all for getting me in and out smoothly.

Cory L.

Dr. Zia was wonderful! I brought my mom in for an emergency needing a diagnosis or instruction to go to the hospital. He kept us calm when we were in a panic & explained everything THOROUGHLY. Best experience we’ve ever had going to the doctor!

Tori R.

Awesome staff! They were all very helpful, caring, and funny all at the same time! Got 5 stiches done and it didn’t hurt a bit! Would definitely recommend everyone to go there! Looking forward to going back in 7 days

Tim F.