The Sexiest and Hottest GIFs of All Time


If you also spent your teenage years scrolling through porn GIFs on Tumblr, then you already know just how orgasmic sexy GIFs can be. Whether you’re actually looking for a fun alternative to mainstream porn sites or just casually browsing, finding and watching hot, steamy, and sensual GIFs is an easy way to get in the mood.

The hottest GIFs on the Internet are typically pulled from 18+ Netflix series and sexy movies, but trust us when we say, seeing only one to two seconds of tension between two characters in GIF form is really all you need. Plus, unlike typical porn that comes with bad dialogue and even worse acting, sexy-time GIFs are a way to access visually stimulating material without sacrificing quality.

The best part about watching steamy GIFs, though, is the educational side. They are a great way to learn what you like and potentially get new ideas to bring into the bedroom, like new sex positions or triangle flirting techniques.

The only issue? You may have trouble finding the best sensual GIFs all in one place, so that’s where we come in. From steamy sex scenes in black and white to iconic kisses from your favorite romance movies, we’ve gathered 40 of the hottest GIFs for your viewing pleasure. Now all you need to do is save your favorites for some future fun — you’re welcome.

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01Sensual GIFsSensual GIFsNew Line Cinema via Giphy

Sensual GIFs

Sexual tension doesn’t even have to look . . . well, sexual. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams prove this point with this intimate slow dance under the moonlight in “The Notebook.”

02Sensual GIFsHBO via Giphy

Sensual GIFs

In an effort to “please her husband,” Dany (Emilia Clarke) on “Game of Thrones” requests her servant to teach her the art of seduction. It’s all in the eye contact.

03Sensual GIFsSummit Entertainment via Giphy

Sensual GIFs

Robert Pattinson’s jawline should’ve won the Twilight series at least one Oscar. But since it didn’t, we’ll just enjoy these two finally making love after waiting more than a century to have sex for the first time.

04Sensual GIFsBET via Giphy

Sensual GIFs

Bathtub sex is never as hot in reality as it is on TV, so thank god we have GIFs like this to live out our fantasy.

05Sensual GIFsNetflix via Giphy

Sensual GIFs

Zendaya gave us all the glamour of a tumultuous relationship in Netflix’s “Malcom & Marie.” One last night together can bring back all of the sparks of a new relationship, as seen in this GIF. (Clearly, a kitchen make-out is a must.)

06Sensual GIFsGramercy Pictures via Giphy

Sensual GIFs

If there’s anything this GIF proves, it’s that sometimes, the foreplay is better — and more pleasurable — than the sex itself.

07Sensual GIFsWarner Bros. via Giphy

Sensual GIFs

In 2004’s “Troy,” Briseis (Rose Byrne) attempts to kill Achilles (Brad Pitt), but things don’t go according to plan. He wakes up with her knife to his throat, but he quickly flips her onto her back and seduces her.


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08Sensual GIFsNew Line Cinema via Giphy

Sensual GIFs

“Love & Basketball” is a romance classic for a reason. This 2000 movie still gives us goosebumps when these childhood friends finally break the tension between them with a kiss.

09Sensual GIFsThe Weinstein Company via Giphy

Sensual GIFs

Ryan Gosling stars in “Blue Valentine” with Michelle Williams, and this GIF depicts the sensual buildup to one of the more explicit oral-sex scenes in Hollywood.

10Sensual GIFsOuterbanks Entertainment via Giphy

Sensual GIFs

If you’re not slamming us against vintage furniture, then we don’t want it. In this episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” things get hot by the fireplace as Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) reconnect.

11Sensual GIFsStar via Giphy

Sensual GIFs

Why rush? Take your time making your way up the bed.

12Sensual GIFsMTV via Giphy

Sensual GIFs

No need to come back up. Feel free to stay down there as long as you need. Also, more stomach kisses, please.

13Sensual GIFsHBO via Giphy

Sensual GIFs

Jon Snow (Kit Harington) has sworn to be chaste as a member of the Night Watch. Which is why it’s all the more scandalous (aka hot) when he breaks his vow to sleep with Ygritte (Rose Leslie) in this episode of “Game of Thrones.”

14Hot GIFsIron Horse Entertainment via Giphy

Hot GIFs

Channing Tatum shows off his dance moves in a whole new way in the 2012 movie “Magic Mike.” Lucky for us, it provides stripteases in the form of hot GIFs.

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15Hot GIFsUniversal Pictures via Giphy

Hot GIFs

Reese Witherspoon and Mark Wahlberg share a sexy roller-coaster ride in the 1996 psychosexual thriller “Fear.” Wahlberg’s character fingers Witherspoon’s character until she reaches orgasm at the climax of the ride — pun intended.

16Hot GIFsHBO via Giphy

Hot GIFs

HBO’s “Girls” gave us many sex scenes during its six-season run. However, this butt motor-boating GIF reminds us to get creative in the bedroom or the kitchen. Thank you, Marnie Michaels (Allison Williams), for this sexy anal-play scene.

17Hot GIFsStarz via Giphy

Hot GIFs

Lip-biting is an undervalued skillset. A little nibble or a rough pull of the bottom lip can definitely heighten the passion. It certainly doesn’t hurt (too much) to try it!

18Hot GIFsWarner Bros. via Giphy

Hot GIFs

The little black dress looks even better when it’s dropped to the floor. The smooth transition has us in awe of such a simple yet sexy move.

19Hot GIFsFX via Giphy

Hot GIFs

Bathroom hookups take on a different meaning when it’s during the workday. But they make being carried into a stall look worth skipping that lunch meeting.

20Hot GIFsHBO via Giphy

Hot GIFs

Yup, we have another Jon Snow GIF. Despite his lack of experience, it’s clear by this GIF that he’s not lacking in oral-sex skills. Or at least, Ygritte seems to enjoy it between berating him.

21Hot GIFsThe CW via Giphy

Hot GIFs

There’s nothing hotter than a back-of-the-cab make-out sesh. “Gossip Girl”‘s Blair (Leighton Meester) and Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) are hot and heavy in this GIF as they make their way through the streets of Manhattan.

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22Hot GIFsOWN via Giphy

Hot GIFs

There’s nothing wrong with taking charge every now and again — even if you’re not typically the dominant partner. As this GIF proves, it’s the unexpected that makes it truly hot.

23Hot GIFsJason Derulo via Giphy

Hot GIFs

Whether or not you’re a fan of Jason Derulo, watching his music video for “Want to Want Me” has everyone sweating like it’s 2015 again. Just look at those heels on his shoulders. (Also, we love foot fetish representation in hot GIFs.)

24Sexy GIFsGloria Sanchez Productions via Giphy

Sexy GIFs

Jennifer Lopez shows off her stripping skills in “Hustlers.” This GIF gives a little behind-the-scenes action to the real show she performs in front of a bustling crowd ready to throw bands.

25Sexy GIFsFox via Giphy

Sexy GIFs

We love a partner who will carry you while making out. It’s best to preserve that energy for other extracurricular activities, if you know what we mean.

26Sexy GIFsColumbia Pictures via Giphy

Sexy GIFs

After a brief fight in the pool, Denise Richards’s character in “Wild Things” reaches for Suzie (Neve Campbell) in a gentle embrace that quickly escalates. Swimsuits are removed as this GIF fades to black.

27Sexy GIFs20th Century Fox via Giphy

Sexy GIFs

Kisses from behind just hit different, especially if it means better access to hair tugging. The added black-and-white effect only brings back fond memories of soft-porn GIFs on Tumblr.

28Sexy GIFsFocus Features via Giphy

Sexy GIFs

If you’re interested in sexual play that’s a little rougher than lip biting, “Fifty Shades of Grey” showcases various BDSM equipment to fantasize over. For example, Dakota Johnson’s character enjoys being blindfolded and tied up.

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29Steamy GIFsNew Line Cinema via Giphy

Steamy GIFs

“The Notebook” came out almost 20 years ago, and yet it still has one of the best sex scenes ever. After a decade apart, the two lovebirds reunite in the pouring rain, bringing the sexy push-me-up-against-the-door scene we all know and love.

30Steamy GIFsFocus Features via Giphy

Steamy GIFs

We had to include more than one “Fifty Shades of Grey” GIF in this list given all the sex scenes. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson slow dancing together looks effortlessly sexy.

31Steamy GIFsIFC Films via Giphy

Steamy GIFs

Threesomes are making a comeback in cinema — from “Joy Ride” to “Challengers” and more. In “Y Tu Mamá También,” two bachelors discover their bisexuality after an older woman seduces both of them — and this GIF shows a tiny glimpse of just that.

32Steamy GIFsLionsgate via Giphy

Steamy GIFs

After four movies of patiently waiting, Twilight fans finally got the sex scenes they were waiting for in “Breaking Dawn Part 2.” Robert Pattinson gave his all as Edward, the sexy 108-year-old vampire, during this honeymoon scene. We’d let him break the bed frame any day.

33Steamy GIFsFocus Features via Giphy

Steamy GIFs

The library scene from “Atonement” is almost as memorable as this green dress. Keira Knightley and James McAvoy are star-crossed lovers in this wartime romance, so only watch the first 30 minutes if you’re prone to weeping.

34Steamy GIFsHBO via Giphy

Steamy GIFs

Ripping each other’s clothes off is a good sign things are going well. A few broken buttons is just part of the process.

35Steamy GIFsNew Line Cinema via Giphy

Steamy GIFs

Bradley Cooper and Scarlett Johanson prove yet again that the office sex fantasy is still alive and well in rom-com classic “He’s Just Not That Into You.” This GIF gives us just a taste of the steamy affair these two characters have right before his wife walks in.

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36Steamy GIFsWarner Bros. via Giphy

Steamy GIFs

Sometimes there’s nothing hotter than the potential of getting caught in the act. Tom Cruise in “Risky Business” proves there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of exhibitionism as long as it’s consensual.

37Steamy GIFsSteamy GIFsNew Line Cinema via Giphy

Steamy GIFs

Neck kisses always lead to somewhere good. In this “Love & Basketball” GIF, you can practically hear the moans.

38Steamy GIFsSteamy GIFsFox via Giphy

Steamy GIFs

Nothing’s steamier than a sauna makeout. In VH1’s show “So NoTORIous,” Sasan (Zachary Quinto) is a bisexual Iranian American man who’s quick to make new acquaintances at the spa.

39Steamy GIFsSteamy GIFsFox via Giphy

Steamy GIFs

Shower sex can actually be enjoyable if it’s done right. These lovers make it clear that it can only get more wet from here.

40Steamy GIFsSteamy GIFsLionsgate via Giphy

Steamy GIFs

Just like Kate Upton in this GIF, we’re hot and bothered after taking these all in. You’re welcome.

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